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Interesting guest post over on the Virtualization blog from Dominic Foster, CTO at a company called MaximumASP. The “money quote”:

During our research we found the TCO of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V with System Center to be a less expensive solution than a similar toolset from VMware. Being completely manageable by System Center allowed us the flexibility to use the same management tools for both Hyper-V and physical servers. An added benefit was the consistent Microsoft look and feel for System Center so there was not the typical steep learning curve associated with a new toolset. Strong support from Microsoft and the MVP program facilitated our quick adoption of Hyper-V.

As the virtualization wave gains force in the coming weeks and months, particularly with the RTM of Microsoft’s major offerings in this area, we’ll be doing our level best to underscore the benefits of System Center solutions in the management of both physical and virtual environments.

– dave //