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Today I wanted to provide an update on some information I posted back in July and also highlight some other exciting news that we came out with today.

In my previous post, I discussed pricing and packaging changes we have coming to the Server Management Suite Enterprise (SMSE) and Virtual machine Manger (VMM), noting that in August there would be some additional details on pricing.  I wanted to take an opportunity to provide an update in this area, but I also wanted to point to news we have today on new licensing and support being rolled out to ease the path to virtualization for customers by providing improved flexibility and broader support when running Microsoft server applications.
First let me address the System Center specific updates.  We recently announced updated delivery timing for VMM 2008 stating that it will most likely RTM in September 2008, meaning that customers who already have purchased the SMSE will have access to it shortly thereafter.  For customers not on the SMSE, VMM 2008 will be available on the Microsoft price lists in November of this year and can be purchased as part of the SMSE or standalone. The new VMM enterprise server management license will be available for $1,304 for the license and two years of Software Assurance.
In addition, with the new value coming to the System Center offerings in the next twelve months through the multi-hypervisor management capabilities of VMM 2008 and the inclusion of cross platform and interoperability capabilities in Operations Manager 2007, as of November 2008 the SMSE will be available for $1,497 for the license and two years of Software Assurance.
As I mentioned in my previous posting, VMM 2008 will follow the licensing model established by the SMSE. Both will be sold on a per-device basis and both the SMSE and the VMM enterprise server management license (ML) will include rights to the VMM server.
We’ve been thrilled with the enthusiastic reaction to the SMSE that we’ve seen since it was released 9 months ago and we’re looking forward to providing customers with the new functionality in VMM 2008. VMM 2008, as part of the SMSE suite, enables customers to benefit from not only managing multiple hypervisor technologies but also provides the powerful integration with the other parts of the System Center management offerings such as Operations Manager and Configuration Manager to centralize management of both physical and virtual environments cost effectively and with greater ease.
Since we’re talking about managing virtualized environments, the other virtualization news of the day that I wanted to mention is related to some exciting new licensing and support updates announced today with full details being available at this link.  In brief, we’re updating the software licensing terms for 41 server applications so that customers can easily reassign licenses from one server to another within a server farm as frequently as needed.  This will enable customers to reduce the number of licenses they need to support their IT systems, increase agility, and simplify the tracking of application instances or processors because customers now can count licenses by server farm instead of by server.  Along with these updates, we’re also announcing updated support policies for server applications running on validated, ours and third-party, virtualized platforms.  For full details, venture over to this link to find more information on all the updates to licensing and support.
Thanks for your time and I hope the information above provides some useful information on not only what’s happening in the area of System Center, but also on the all up virtualization licensing front for Microsoft. 
Thanks – Diane Prescott, Product Manager, System Center