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Just want to let you know about some changes we’re beginning to make in our TechNet site to help you find relevant community resources for System Center-related topics, both on Microsoft sites and off…

Contextualizing Social Bookmarks

Chris over at TechNet had approached me a little while back about the TechNet social bookmarking app, and we talked about how we could build awareness for it. Among other things, it seemed that an obvious starting point would be to build a feed of System Center-related community bookmarks into our TechNet TechCenter (which you’ll find both on the home page and on the Community tab).


I encourage you to check out the bookmarking app and add in a few of your own bookmarks–whatever favorite resources you might have related to System Center (just be sure to use the “system center” tag, as indicated). This also afforded an opportunity to, at long last, add in blog and forum feeds (which you can import into your favorite RSS reader using the available OPML). Thanks to Mike, who is our TechCenter site manager, we now have what I hope you will agree is a more useful community page.

Toward Community Feed Integration

Eventually, too, I would like to include third-party community feeds: just need the content, and then we can build out a page that exposes some of the resources and key contributors in the community on TechNet. Wanted to include a “System Center”-tagged Twitter feed, but unfortunately, we’re not technically enabled to display Atom-based feeds. (Could someone please pummel the folks over at Twitter and insist they also include RSS in their output? Sheesh.)

New Edge Portal

And over on TechNet Edge, I’d like to draw your attention to a new portal for System Center-related videos that we created. Perhaps, in time, we will build a presence out on sites like YouTube and Vimeo, but for now I’m just trying to figure out how to resource this kind of activity for the long run.

Future Feed Capabilities

And, finally, before too long, I hope to have the ability to build such features, appropriately configured, into our pre-sales sites on MSCOM; it’s just a question of having a site component that permits the subscription and display of external RSS sources (something I’ve wanted longer than I’d care to remember).

As always, tell us what you think of these ideas, and if you have any others, especially where it involves the incorporation of various RSS sources of value to the community, please do let me know…. The thread is open!

– dave //