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Ok, first of all, my apologies for going dark for an extended period. I’m told that this can be fatal to a blog effort; but I also know that life and business have a way of distracting one from things like this. So, please don’t be put off too much by our blogging hiatus–we’ve got a lot of stuff in store in the next several months, especially as we ramp up for MMS 2009 at the end of April.

Now that that’s out of the way, what do I really want to tell you about?

In addition to our ongoing narrative around the all important topic of virtualization and the unified management of physical and virtual IT infrastructures–note, for example, the event’s theme of “Physical, Virtual, Powerful”–you’ll soon start hearing a lot about how our solutions help reduce costs in the data center. This will be one of the major sub-themes at MMS.

To give you a taste of how this story is being developed at a high level, here’s a video hot off the camcorder, again with Jeff Wettlaufer and Brad Anderson, the “fearless leader” of the Management Services Division at Microsoft. (I would embed it, but can’t seem to get the new Silverlight container provided by TechNet Edge to work in either Windows Live Writer or in the blog tool on the Web, alas.)

More on the way soon. Let us hear from you, about this video or anything else, by posting in the comments of this blog.

– dave //