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Hello everyone, Elliott Morris here from the Management and Services Division.  As part of my role, I have the privilege to drive efforts here at Microsoft around the War on Cost.   This team is uniquely positioned to collect operational data from enterprises to understand their costs for deploying, operating and supporting Microsoft software – our product groups do significant research to understand product requirements, but it is our role to understand requirements at a very detailed level to improve operational efficiency.

It’s no secret that now more than ever, IT budgets and resources are tight.  Over the past two years, we surveyed CIO’s and IT managers at 162 companies to find out how they balance IT costs and innovation. The result is dozens (31 to be exact) of best practices – such as automated feedback and reporting, thresholding of parameters, automated integration with systems management and virtualization – that can be put in place at little or no cost with existing IT resources, yet amazingly too many companies are not doing them and leaving money on the table with their IT investments.  We created Spotlight on Cost to provide business owners and IT managers with information and best practices for driving IT infrastructure efficiencies to help them reduce costs and improve IT performance at the same time. 

Similarly in the IT world, if my accountant told me I could do 5 simple things, with no sacrifice to gain on my taxes, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Spotlight on Cost shows you what you have, how to continue to innovate and how to thrive.

So what does this mean to an IT organization in today’s economy?

  • Optimize, optimize, optimize! Assess your operations to evaluate where you can implement best practices to improve efficiency and free up resources to work on more strategic activities. Talk to your Microsoft account team if you would like Microsoft’s assistance to evaluate how you canoptimize your infrastructure.
  • Align IT with the business units within your company. Now more than ever it is important that the business views IT as a strategic enabler for the business to distinguish itself from its competitors. Review with the business executives the challenges and opportunities they face to identify how IT can be leveraged to address these challenges and opportunities.

Our customers are in a race to do more with less, a race to stay competitive in trying times and a race to equip their organization to succeed.  We’re preparing them to cross the finish line and ahead of the pack.   All of the survey findings and more are available in a white paper called “Server Infrastructure Optimization: Best Practices to Reduce IT Operational Costs,” as free download.

Be sure to check out the top tips from Lone Server and the War on Cost team blog for more information.

Is your organization implementing other cost effective IT tips?