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Think I’ve convinced Garth Jones to post an article/blog post on user groups, special interest groups (SIGs), and study groups, which could be very helpful to those looking for info on how to engage/start such communities… when he does post it, I’ll be sure to link to it and tie the info into our influencers program.

Rod Trent and Ron Crumbaker of did their usual MMS session on community this year; of note were Garth’s discussion of user groups, etc., Tev Sanders perspective from the Field (Microsoft) on the value of communities in building the business and a collective knowledge base for solving problems and accessing help, and Brian Mason talked about the ins-and-outs of the MVP program, and what value it offers. I managed to get in a few words about the Influencers Program, and distributed a few contact cards to people.

Hung around a bit w/ Terri Worley and Pete Zerger, who’s here launching his new online community resource,, where members of the community can access, among other things, community-generated management packs.


Pete Zerger in the Lounge.

Generally, stuff happened, people were talked to, sites shown, gesticulations gesticulated, announcements made, tweets twittered, and—last, but not least—blogs  blogged.


– dave //