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Today started, like yesterday, with a keynote of note: this one with Brad and a stellar cast demoing new features and products for the desktop. Among others, the collected audience saw Jeff Wettlaufer demo a deployment of Windows 7 out to 20-some XP machines, all in something like 15 minutes using Config Manager R2. Wirelessly, in front of a live audience. The preparation was captured on a pair of Edge videos, the first of which you can get here, and the new one here.


Brad looks up to Jeff, really he does.

Clare Henry was also on stage to talk about Service Manager, and demo some of its features. Expect launch in the first half of calendar year 2010, with a public beta well prior.


Clare in demo mode w/ Brad.

A little later in the day, Brad had some time to come by and visit the crew in the Community Lounge, gave a short speech on the importance of community in product development, whether it’s Microsoft doing the developing, or the community contributing assets such as management packs. He also took questions from the audience for about 20 minutes, and went on with his busy schedule at the event. Tomorrow, we plan to repeat the scene, but with Larry Orecklin, the GM of the marketing team.


Brad speaking informally w/ attendees.

Among other things, Brad’s presence produced an extended run on our swag that’s been keeping me at my station until well past closing time. Funny what some t-shirts and mini-mice can do to event goers… who says WOM doesn’t work?

Gotta sign off for today—cheers from Las Vegas.

– dave //