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Or, more aptly, SOME a-twitter…

Twitter was going to be used at MMS regardless of anything we might do, but we wanted to provide a simple and easily understood structure for the real-time 1-to-many, short-form conversation that Twitter can foster. Accordingly, we used the mms09 account for broadcast of both specific announcements and also comments for the benefit of attendees and the world at large. We also advocated that Twitter users at MMS use the #mms09 hashtag for their posts, so that everyone could see what the action was without having to look all over the place for the right tags or people to follow.

Here are some interesting tweets that came out during the day 2 keynote (you can search for other relevant topics/tweets at Twitter advanced search):

  • ThatDwayne: Windows 7 looks impressive and seems to be a major jump better than XP or Vista #mms09
  • ramseyg: keynote demo using vPro to power up 20+ #dell e6400 systems and upgrade them from xp to #win7, WIRELESSLY #mms09
  • jboyertech: Nice migration demo going so to 7 realtime upgrade I wonder how it works going to x64 and flagging x32 apps that have x64 ver/issues #mms09
  • Beaker: RT @ThatDwayne: They are doing some *live* upgrades of audience laptops to Windows 7 over wireless! #mms09 <– That’s unique & ballsy…
  • ChuckS42: most impressive demo. #mms09

Worth noting, most MMS-goers don’t yet use Twitter: In terms of activity, at a conference with 2500+ attendees, less than 5% were using Twitter, judging by the number of folks who used the official #mms09 hashtag: 112 unique users, according to HashTweeps, about 20-30 of whom accounted for most of the activity. Here’s a chart showing the long tail of the top 20 Twitterers:


Perhaps no surprise to anyone in attendance, Rod Trent is the runaway champion of MMS twitterers, with Pete Zerger a distant second, and Turbomac and mms09 (the user account folks on my team contributed to) tied for third. Somebody either give Rod a gold star or take away his Twitter privileges, please! 😉

Surely, next year—provided Twitter doesn’t lose its mojo or get torn apart by predators in the market—we can do better, and turn Twitter into a standard tool for 1:many communications among attendees.

– dave //