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Hybrid Cloud Blog

Quick note to acknowledge that I’ve made some changes to this blog, mainly to update its appearance to bring it in line with current brand standards. Not everything has been optimized yet, in particular the older dark background meant we needed to use white versions of our logos. Now, on account of the light background of the new design, these’ll need to be swapped out.

I’ve also noticed some rendering issues in browsers other than IE, which I may or may not have time/energy to address. And finally, this scheme doesn’t for some unfathomable reason include the script for sign in/log out, so to work around that I stuck a link in the left side column for signing in to the TechNet blogs application.

If it turns out that this design ends up causing more pain than relief that the oppressive dark grey is gone, then I may end up switching it back or finding some other design scheme among the ones available to us.

– dave //