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Coupla new videos coming in the immediate wake of MMS 2009, each starring our very own Brad Anderson.

This a video with a business partner from HP, Scott Farrand, to talk about HP’s Insight Control for System Center:

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And this a video of Brad at the MMS 2009 Community Lounge, holding forth on the business, where it’s been, and where it’s headed (in this one you’ll actually get a cameo from yours truly):

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One of these days, I expect Brad to garner his own reality show or talk show; he seems always to manage to get in front of the lens no matter where, no matter when. I swear, we’re just wandering around aimlessly with our camcorders in hand, and it seems every time, up pops Brad outta nowhere, with something noteworthy to say about System Center or Virtualization…

– dave //