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Many questions have been coming in regarding the process and steps that customers will need to follow to upgrade or install Operations Manager 2007 R2.

As indicated in my last blog post that announced the RTM of (the English-only version of) Operations Manager 2007 R2, only the trial version of Operations Manager 2007 R2 can be downloaded before General Availability on July 1st.  There are a number of reasons for this delay, but essentially the biggest delay is caused by the fact that our RTM just missed the window for the June 1st MVLS posting, so July 1st is our first available option.

In the meantime, customers eager to deploy this latest version of Operations Manager can install the trial, and upgrade to the RTM bits when posted to the MVLS site!  [Note that customers currently running Ops Mgr 2007 SP1 or the RC will have to wait for the full RTM bits to be posted to MVLS … upgrade to trial is not supported].  Details on the supported upgrade paths are shown in the following diagram:

Upgrade paths to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2

For more details on deploying and upgrading your installation, check out the blog from my colleague Rob Kuefhus, who details a wealth of information on Changes to Supported Platforms, Upgrade Support, Agent Mixed Management Group Multi-homed Support, Upgrading from R2 Trial version to R2 RTM (or from RC to RTM), R2 Monitored Item Capacity changes from SP1, and New Supported Operations Systems for Agent.