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Hi everyone, as you may have heard, we are releasing a Solution Accelerator that will attain certification for ConfigMgr as an SCAP-validated tool with FDCC scanning capability.  If you or someone you know works in a US government agency – you are aware that those organizations are required to have an SCAP validated tool for ensuring adherence to the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC).  This project will achieve this certification for ConfigMgr, and its in beta now, ahead of schedule for release.

This free add on to ConfigMgr will consume the SCAP data streams, assess a target system for compliance, and report the results back in SCAP format.  There are a series of validation tests that have to be passed before certification is official.  I wanted to get you an update on that testing.

The testing has gone extremely well.  The formal submission to testing consists of both product and documentation specified by NIST that describes how our solution implements their long list of requirements.  The testing is being done by an external service, called ATSEC.  With the exception of 1 small change to our documentation, we have achieved 100% compliancy scans for both XP and Vista FDCC settings.  This is a significant milestone to achieve, and shows great progress and in fact an ‘ahead of schedule’ progress to date.

We are not approved yet.  There are some additional tests required, but the heavy lifting is done.  All signs right now point to very successful results, and an on time or earlier release.  Look to the Configuration Manager homepage, or your local Microsoft Account Team for updates, and release to web information (RTW).

Links that you may find useful:

System Center Configuration Manager site
Download the SCAP extensions here from  the Microsoft Connect Site
NIST’s SCAP website
NIST’s SCAP Requirements

Take care

JWSMALL Jeff Wettlaufer
Sr. Technical Product Manager
System Center
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