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windows 7 bl v Hey everyone, I wanted to get an update out there for all of you in case you were wondering about when Configuration Manager will be able to support Windows 7.  Support for Windows 7 will be released within ConfigMgr Service Pack 2.  This is currently in open beta, and I would really encourage you to check that out.  You can get the beta download from the MS Connect site here.  

Service Pack 2 is not just about Windows 7 support, although platform support is the main driver.  Service Pack 2 will do the following:


Service Pack 2 Feature


Operating System Support updates

•Windows 7

•Windows Server 2008 R2

•Windows Server 2008 SP2

•Windows Vista Sp2

Site Role support for Windows Server 2008 R2

Support for running Site Roles on Windows Server 2008 R2 OS levels

Intel AMT Integration Enhancements

•OOB Wireless Management: Wireless Profile Management

•End Point Access Control: 802.1x support

•Persistent Data Storage: Non Volatile Memory or Third Party Data Store (3PDS)

•Access Monitor: Audit Log

•Remote Power Management: Power State Configuration from ConfigMgr Console

Branch Cache Support

A new feature of Windows Server and Windows 7, more information here.  Requires Win7 client and W2K8 R2 backend

Operations Manager 64bit support

X64 support for Operations Manager 2007 Client Agent

Asset Intelligence

Certificate requirement removal for online sync

Additional Areas

Update to Management Pack for 64-bit OS’s – SP2 will ship 64-bit perf counters

Remote control added in for (x64 XP and Sever 2003)

Multi-select and delete driver catalog drivers from the console

Better feedback on AD extension success / failure


We have had a lot of questions about timing, so we wanted to get some comments out to you about when we can expect to have this formally available.  All of us here in Redmond absolutely understand that for many organizations – installing Beta, or Evaluation software into production is simply not possible. 

So, I’ll say that these dates could change. Something might come up, but we won’t release SP2 until the quality gates have been passed through. Here are some timeframes you can use for your planning:

Open Public Beta – Currently available hereon MS Connect. Go get it!

Release to ManufacturingEnd of October.  This means we have signed off the Service Pack for release, and we send to our Microsoft release process owners to get media and other forms of the product made available for you.

Release to Web –  Also End of October.  RTW means we take the signed off release, and we post to our websites for download.  This is usually done right after we can get RTM signed off, usually a couple of days max.  This is just the service pack, you will still need to install the base product (ConfigMgr SP1). Worldwide replication to all websites can sometimes take a few days, its quick but we have seen delays in the past.

General AvailabilityBeginning of December.  GA is when all of our licensed customers can get access to the full product, slipstreamed media.  Slipstreamed means 1 install of the product will take you right to ConfigMgr SP2, noi need to build up RTM, SP1 then SP2 installs.   

If you need more information about Configuration Manager you can check out our website here. And keep checking back here on this blog, or on Twitter, we are entering a VERY exciting year for the System Center business, with lots to share in the coming months. image

If anyone is thinking about what to do this November, why not join us at TechEd Europe? Its in one of my favorite cities in the world, Berlin. More information about the event is  here.

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