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This month, three SC folks headed down to Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa to support Microsoft TechEd 2009 Africa.IMG_0956

TE Africa had a great turnout on their own, and it was really exciting to visit with our African customers around DPM, SCCM, SCOM and Service Manager.  In all, our three speakers delivered 11 sessions covering:

  • CM 302 – Deploying SCCM 2007 – part 1: Site Deployment
  • CM 303 – Deploying SCCM 2007 – part 2: Client Deployment
  • CM 304 – Deploying SCCM 2007 – part 3: Hierarchy Design & Best Practices
  • DPM 200 – Technical Introduction to DPM 2007 sp1
  • DPM 300 – Protecting Applications with DPM 2007 sp1
  • DPM 400 – Advanced Features of DPM 2007 sp1
  • DPM WB – What is coming in DPM v3
  • OM 203 – What is new in Ops Mgr 2007 R2
  • OM 310 – Monitoring UNIX/Linux with Ops Mgr 2007 R2
  • SC 201 – Microsoft System Center for the Data Center
  • SM 204 – Cost Effective Incident, Change & Problem Mgmt with Service Manager

As part of the TechEd event, we were very grateful to have all of our demos hosted on demonstration gear from IBM.  This was my first recent experience with an IBM Blade Server (HS22) and we were very impressed.   Our blade had 2 Xeon 5520 processors (lots of cores), 40GB of memory and 600GB of storage.  Between just Operations Manager and Data Protection Manager, we had nearly 20 virtual machines spinning – showing how System Center can protect/recover and monitor almost every Microsoft platform, including a variety of Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Windows file services, etc. – plus some Linux machines too.   Other teams had similar blades and everything just rocked!  So, a huge note of thanks to IBM for loaning TechEd a very cool system !

After TechEd, we did one-day and two-day System Center events in Cape Town and Johannesburg, respectively – and again, really enjoyed meeting the customers and partners that are so passionately interested in deploying the System Center family of management solutions.

And for the weekend in-between, we were able to sneak away for a photo safari.  Pictured above from the Pilanesburg National Reserve are the three SC speakers, along with our phenomenal Microsoft South African hosts (L to R) – Francois Smith (MS-SA), Jason Buffington (DPM), Sacha Dawes (SCOM), Wally Mead (SCCM) and Riedwaan Bassadien (MS-SA).

To our hosts (Francois & Riedwaan) and the MS SA team – thank you so much for the memories, and the opportunity to meet so many of your customers and partners.

To all of the great South African partners and customers whom we met this week – thanks for taking the time to learn more about System Center, and we hope that you got as much from the events as we did.

Jason, Sacha and Wally