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Hey everyone, my friend over at Intel –  Bill York created a really cool demo of vPro working with ConfigMgr.  In his video blog he uses a ConfigMgr advertisement to remotely and securely wake-up (boot) Intel vPro systems and push an automated BIOS upgrade.  Very cool integration demo.  Thanks Bill!

Here is a link to his blog, I have embedded the video right here for you to save a few mouse clicks.


The team over at Intel are doing some great things around sharing integration stories on Intel and Microsoft Management.  Check out the main blog here.  If you want to follow any of them (I am  and its pretty interesting) they are on Twitter at: 

If you are thinking of attending the Intel Developer Forum, Sept 22-24 in San Francisco, I would highly recommend it.  Personally I am there presenting with Matt Royer, but there is a LOT of Microsoft activity happening there.  There might even be some announcements!


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