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Earlier this week we held the fourth of our Live Meeting sessions with member of the System Center Influencers Program, this one on System Center support for Exchange 2010, presented jointly by Leslie Kitz, Jason Buffington, and Jon Lecroy. For a write-up from one of our very own influencers, Marnix Wolf, see his post of Dec. 3. His conclusion:

A very interesting Live Meeting it was. An hour very well spent. The only ‘bad’ thing was that it was only one hour :). Time really went fast and both speakers had way much more to tell. Future sessions I will certainly attend.

And a shout-out to Mike Resseler over in Antwerp, Belgium, who also gave his take on the meeting in a recent post and follow-up. In Mike’s words,

What’s very interesting about DPM 2010 is that you will be able to have offsite backups of your Exchange environment if you are using the DAG (Database Availability Groups) scenario where one server is located… off-site.

One of the greatest things they said (it actually made my day) was that backup for Workgroup based servers or DMZ servers will be supported in the RC.  For now, the beta hasn’t included it yet, but the RC will.

Feedback and Future Sessions

We had about 25 attendees, which was about what we expected given past performance, but we hope to attract a larger portion of our membership as the program continues in the month ahead. We also got some good feedback from those who responded to our post-session survey; members suggested a number of different topics for future sessions (provided here verbatim):

  • SCOM and VMM PRO Tips
  • forefront stirling and system center
  • The new management packs for SharePoint 2010
  • Integration from System Center Service Manager and Configuration Manager for Assett Management and Invenvory. Second: Managing Large Terminals Server/Citrix Environments with SCCM
  • licensing
  • System Center Service Manager
  • I thought there would be a demo or more talk on SCCM today and keeping server configs correct. I’d like to learn amore about that.
  • SQL Server 2008 clustering and SCCM with Third party Tools
  • System Manager
  • application packaging and desktop virtual apps
  • Management Pack for OCS

Some of these we’ll definitely be covering after the New Year, and we’ll take into consideration putting still others together based on this list. Bear in mind we’ll be doing these at the pace of 1-2 a month, depending on subject matter expert availability and community interest.

Up next: Mark your calendars for January 5, as Kenon Owens, technical product manager, will be presenting on Microsoft’s virtualization technologies (details forthcoming).


Thanks again to those who presented and those who listened in, asked questions, and blogged about it; please keep spreading the word about these valuable offerings—and by all means, keep up the blogging!


– dave //


Update 12.7.09

Another member of the Influencers program, Bob Cornelissen, has also done a write-up of this session. In Bob’s words:

On a personal note: Since a few weeks I have a exchange 2010 only implementation and I can say my DPM 2010 beta is performing very well. By the way, it also was doing a great job against the system state, exchange 2007, sharepoint, hyper-v, sql, file shares etc. SO good going with this product Jason and crew!!!

Thanks to you, Bob, for your contributions!

– dave //