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As you may know, we’re currently running a blogging contest on topics related to System Center and Virtualization. So far we’ve done a few rounds of it and have received diverse submissions from the System Center influencers community. Matt White was our November winner, for a post on Direct Access and Configuration Manager. December saw a couple of entries crowned, these from a few of our international friends, Marcelo Sincic, who wrote on virtual machine updates with Configuration Manager and Virtual Machine Manager, and Jordano Mazzoni, who sent in a submission on perf monitoring with Operations Manager. Each of these individuals are winners of our $100 monthly prize.

One thing you may note with Marcelo and Jordano’s entries is that they are in their native languages, but are helpfully (albeit loosely) translated with the Microsoft Translator widget & service. We understand the need to open up communications with folks who are not native speakers of English, and this is a small part of the reason why we decided to accept these submissions on December’s blogging theme (datacenter solutions). Mainly we’re just pleased to see blogging activity going on out there among the growing cadre of System Center enthusiasts, and Marcelo and Jordano provide great examples of the kinds of posts that we think are valuable to the community.

That said, our contest rules do privilege English originals, and this is because we’re in a better position to judge the merit and impact of such posts than we are of those that come to us in machine-translated form. In the least, this is because, among those of us judging the entries we receive, there may be at most 2-3 languages other than English we can potentially rely on, which leaves dozens of other possible languages among our community friends in the cold. So if you are a member of our international community, and wish to participate in this contest—and have a chance at winning our $100 monthly prize—we strongly encourage you to polish up your international English skills and give it a go. You never know: you, too, could be a winner!

– dave //