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Hi everyone, we are always trying to connect you with people around the world that are using System Center technologies, and whenever possible, we want to highlight examples of great content for you to click on.image

A good friend based over in EMEA, Jannes Alink recently did a posting on the new Dashboard that is currently in Beta.  Jannes is a ConfigMgr MVP based in the Netherlands, (what is it with the Dutch this month, must be a speed skating influence 🙂 ) .  The MVPs are a short list of non MS experts in our field.  You can find more out MVPs here.

In his blog he walks through an overview of the dashboard install, and gives some tips and tricks he found along the way.  The Dashboard is pretty simple to get online, but this is a great example of first hand experience. 

Thanks Jannes, nice post!

This is a link to Jannes blog.
You can contact Jannes here.
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