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Hi everyone, recently we blogged about our upcoming event series, and one of the flagship events we want to make sure you have on your calendar is the Microsoft Management Summit, in Las Vegas the week of April 19th.  This annual event is the premier show for deep technical information and training on the latest IT Management solutions from Microsoft, Partners, and Industry Experts.   Before March 24th, there is an Early bird discount.

One of the biggest reasons people attend MMS is access to expertise.  Both Microsoft product teams and industry experts are there in a social atmosphere to talk to you, answer your questions, or share a beverage.  It’s an awesome experience.  As 1 example of the access you get we are running a Panel session of the Configuration Manager engineering leadership. 

Leading up to the session, we want to hear your questions to ask the panel.  You can email or use the twitter hashtag #MMSEA01.  We will collect these questions and get them answered by our experts during the time.  Here is the session information.  

Configuration Manager v.Next – Ask the Panel of Experts
Thursday, April 22 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM, Veronese 2404-2506
OK – so, you’ve attended all the breakouts on ConfigMgr v.Next and completed all the hands-labs. Now you know the “what” of ConfigMgr v.Next. How about getting a chance to learn the “how” and “why” of ConfigMgr? We’ve assembled a panel of engineering leadership from the ConfigMgr team, along with a few key MVP’s, to really answer your questions about the “how’s” and “why’s” of ConfigMgr. To help tee it up we are using some social avenues to hear from you. Either email a question to the session moderator ( or simply tweet a question using the hashtag #MMSEA01. Even if you don’t have a question – come join us to hear these so-called “experts” answer the tough questions and provide insights into the product and strategies for ConfigMgr.

We hope you can attend, we want to meet you.

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