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Over the past week, there has been a lot of imagetalk about Cloud Computing from Microsoft.  Steve Ballmer addressed the University of Washington, and a new website focused on cloud computing launched.  We wanted to provide an enterprise perspective about what the cloud means, with the System Center lens casting some unique perspectives on the discussion.

Steve outlined a few major emphasis points in his address.

  • The cloud creates opportunities and responsibilities
  • The cloud learns and helps you learn, decide and take action
  • The cloud enhances your social and professional interactions
  • The cloud wants smarter devices
  • The cloud drives server advances that drive the cloud

imageSystem Center plays a unique role in these focus areas as a service delivery platform that enables organizations to optimize and drive efficiency in their cloud investments.  The Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit for Hosters contains guidance to help you establish appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) and create portals that you or your customers can use to directly provision, manage, and monitor their infrastructure.  Built on Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 Hyper-V™ and Microsoft System Center, the DDTC provides:

  • -Step-by-step instructions and technical best practices to provision and manage a reliable, secure, and scalable data center
  • -Customizable marketing material you can use to help your customers take advantage of these new solutions
  • -Sample code and demos to use in your deployment

Driving services into a cloud framework places emphasis on the Management layer like never before.  From provisioning of workloads and deploying services, to monitoring performance, data management and delivering security services.  System Center is heavily integrated today with the Microsoft cloud strategy, and as we continue in engineering roadmaps, the cloud carries a level of focus that will deliver further capabilities into cloud infrastructure.

The Dynamic Infrastructure Toolkit for System Center is a free, partner-extensible toolkit that will enable data centers to dynamically pool, allocate, and manage resources to enable IT as a service. Whether you’re an enterprise customer, a systems integrator, or an independent software vendor, the toolkit will help you create agile, virtualized IT infrastructures.  Here is a datasheet on the DIT.

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