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Good morning everyone, we wanted to get you this update, following from an earlier post this morning on the cloud. 

Today a blog post was made announcing the Planning and Design Guide for Dynamic Data Center beta.  The design process in the free Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Dynamic Data Center allows your organization to strategically plan a Dynamic Data Center infrastructure that is designed for ease of manageability.

Key benefits of the guideinclude:

  • The infrastructure is designed using best practices to reduce the administrative burden of managing the Dynamic Data Center.
  • A single set of requirements is tracked throughout the entire design process and then transferred to the appropriate supporting Infrastructure Planning and Design guides.
  • The infrastructure design of the virtualization hardware and the management software includes determining the scaling and architectural limits of each component.

Here is some more information:
Download the IPD Guide for Dynamic Data Center.
Learn more about IPD Guides for Virtualization and System Center
Download other best practices from the Infrastructure Planning and Design series

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