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I recently read a new whitepaper, published by our Application Virtualization team, and wanted to be sure to encourage you to read it as well. The paper documents tangible ways in which organizations can reduce IT costs, complete IT tasks more quickly, and deliver higher-quality IT and business services by using Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V).  It details some exciting research results which show that responding organizations realized a total of 27% labor savings equivalent to $82/PC annually throughout the application lifecycle by utilizing App-V.

What I am most excited about are the benefits that can be gained through the integration of App-V and Configuration Manager.  By taking advantage of integrated application deployment and management, organizations can be more efficient in their use of IT resources, reducing cycle times and decreasing costs.  In fact, throughout the study, organizations using App-V and ConfigMgr together tended to achieve higher levels of cost savings and other benefits than organizations using any other combination of application virtualization technology and configuration management tools.

I hope you will read through the whitepaper for more details on the benefits of App-V and how they can be achieved.

Read the Whitepaper

Kelly Wagman
Sr. Product Manager
System Center