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Hi, I’d like to announce a surprise addition to our schedule of Live Meetings for System Center Influencers, in the run-up to MMS 2010…

On Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM. PST, we are hosting a Live Meeting presentation for System Center influencers entitled, “Building and Extending System Center Management Packs,” presented jointly by Dan Rogers and Vlad Joanovic from the System Center Operations Manager product team.

Please note:

  • This Live Meeting presentation is exclusive to members of the System Center Influencer Program.  Not a member?  Visit the program information page on TechNetto learn more and apply to join.
  • Join information will be available on the System Center Influencers Program portal by Friday, April 8.  Members of the program will need to log into the Connect site to access the Live Meeting join information.


This Live Meeting presentation for System Center influencers will cover management packs, authoring tools, and various kinds of custom extensions that can be created to meet specific business needs and operational scenarios. They will show, in a short demo, how you can, for example, add monitors to a management pack, and discuss additional resources for those who wish to explore further how to get the most out of their implementations of System Center Operations Manager.

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