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I know that a lot of people have been awaiting the arrival of the Dynamics CRM 4.0 operations management pack, and judging by the feedback I’ve received since it became available last week the news is very well received!

With this management pack, administrators of Dynamics CRM can respond quickly to critical events and take action to prevent service outages, reducing the resolution time for alert conditions, and increasing the overall availability and performance of the Dynamics CRM system.

To summarize the features of the management pack for Dynamics CRM 4.0:

  • Monitors the availability and health of the following component services:
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing service
    • World Wide Web Publishing
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deletion service
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases
  • Monitors the availability and health of the following application components and functionality:
    • Deletion of deleted records
    • Operability of ISV plug-ins
    • Web application requests processing, SOAP exceptions, and unexpected failures
  • Detects brute-force attacks and denial of service attacks.
  • Monitors the performance metrics of the following components:
    • Web application requests processing
    • Database query processing
  • Monitors the system for configuration-related failures.

The management pack is available for immediate download from



Sacha Dawes, CISSP
Sr. Technical Product Manager
System Center Solutions for Dynamic Datacenters

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