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We’ve got promos galore heading into the spring, but I want to call out one in particular that we’re really excited to be sponsoring.


The Management Pack Extensions Contest, which we are officially launching today with our friends from System Center Central, is all about creating add-ons or extensions to any of the management packs in the System Center Management Pack Catalog. It is broadly open to the community, but requires submitting entries on the website. While the focus may typically be on Operations Manager MPs, we are also taking all qualified entries for management/configuration packs for other System Center products (such as System Center Essentials).

Officially the System Center Influencers Program is sponsoring it, but it is being run entirely by the members of the community associated with System Center Central. You’ll find plenty of helpful info over on their site, and the rules are right here, in this blog. There are 6 prizes up for grabs (total purse is $2000), so there’s a real good chance you could grab some cool cash for putting together a nifty extension that the rest of the community can enjoy. Contest runs through June 7, which we might want to dub MPE Day, in the honor of that other, famous alphabet-soup day that falls on June 6.

G’wan!—give it a shot and learn, build, document, enter, share, and maybe even win!


 UPDATE May 14, 2010: We have extended the deadline for entry to June 30, 2010.

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