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Sorry, couldn’t resist. For some reason that ol’ “Schoolhouse Rock” song bubbled to the surface of the boiling cauldron of my brainpan in these hyperactive days before MMS and Convergence.

But, let me get to the point, straightway: We’ve got 3 promotions in flight, the tail end of one and two others spinning up. Let me give you the low-down.

Blogging Contest Stakes Now at $300 for Each of Two Winners in April

As we plough through the middle of April, we’ve still got this contest in the field, with current topics for blogging having to do with client management (in our world, mostly Configuration Manager and Service Manager-related stuff). This will become much more interesting as a topic in the weeks ahead as the announcements, etc. out of MMS help focus the discussion. Note that this contest is for member of the Influencers Program, but it’s still a simple matter to join.

The prize pot is now up to $300 for two talented bloggers who blog seriously and copiously on client management by the end of April. And also note: this contest isn’t limited to entries we deem favorable or anything like that—we only want to foster discussion and contributions in the community, whether they be positive, neutral, or (gasp!) negative. Just make sure they’re insightful and technically accurate; refer to the rules here.

Announcing the Management Pack Extensions Contest with $500 Grand Prize

In the runup to MMS we are setting loose a new promotion: dessine-moi un mouton. (Just kidding; a little joke for any “Little Prince” fans out there.) No, the contest is all about creating add-ons or extensions to any of the management packs in the System Center Management Pack Catalog. It is broadly open to the community, but requires submitting entries on the website.

Officially the System Center Influencers Program is sponsoring it, but it is being run entirely by the members of the community associated with System Center Central. You’ll find plenty of helpful info over on their site, and the rules are right here, in this blog. There are 6 prizes up for grabs (total purse is $2000), so there’s a real good chance you could grab some cool cash for putting together a nifty extension that the rest of the community can enjoy. Contest runs through June 7, which we might want to dub MPE Day, in the honor of that other, famous alphabet-soup day that falls on June 6.

  • UPDATE May 14, 2010: We have extended the deadline for entry for this contest to June 30, 2010.
Shhhh! Super-Secret Promo for MMS 2010 Attendees Only!

If you’re going to MMS 2010 in Las Vegas, April 19-23, you will also be able to get a chance to win one of four $500 prizes. Look for the teaser on CommNet, and all shall be revealed. Or, you can just come find me in the Community Lounge and, for a little “incentive” (*wink wink, nudge nudge*), I’ll tell you what the scoop is.

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