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Hello everyone. My name is Hassen Karaa and I am a program manager in the System Center Configuration Manager engineering team. Over the last couple of years, I have been working on mobile device management features for ConfigMgr v.Next. We are very excited to finally be ready to share what we have been working on with you at MMS this week. I wanted to give you a brief preview of what’s coming for mobile devices in v.Next.

We invested heavily in mobile device management in this release. First, we’re fully extending our user centric vision to cover mobile devices allowing admins to think user first and let ConfigMgr figure out the platform details. Second, v.Next offers unified administration workflows for mobile devices, desktops and servers. Admins will be able to use the same infrastructure and the same workflows to manage, secure and distribute software to all the systems in their enterprises. Finally we’ll enable admins to secure their mobile devices fleet using secure over the air provisioning and  management as well as the ability to apply security settings to devices and monitor their compliance.

On the platform support side, we’re investing in the management of cross platform devices with the introduction of full management support for Nokia Symbian devices- the smartphone OS with the biggest market share in the world. We will also continue to support a wide range of Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone devices. In our upcoming v.Next Beta 1 release, we are starting with support for Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Phone 6.5 devices. The rest of the platforms will be supported in future v.Next releases preceding RTM, so stay tuned for updates.

If you are at MMS this week, make sure you attend the” BA13 – Configuration Manager v.Next: Device Management” session bright and early on Thursday morning at 8:30 am. We will have much more details about the next generation of mobile device management.

Hassen Karaa
Program Manager
System Center Configuration Manager