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Even though energy-saving hardware has been around for a while, statistics show that organizations don’t often get the most benefit from these capabilities. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, less than 10 percent of all enterprise PCs in use has their power management capabilities turned on. Why? Because users often disable power-saving settings out of fears of data corruption or simply from force of habit, or IT disables the features to support nightly IT operations such as upgrades and patching.

True to Microsoft’s continued commitment to providing Green IT solutions, the next release of System Center Configuration Manager will help organizations get the most out of energy-savings hardware without introducing unnecessary risks of data corruption or productivity loss. We’ve just published a new white paper that explains how Configuration Manager centralizes client power management to reduce costs and energy consumption. The white paper, “Efficient Energy Management: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3” shows how you can use Configuration Manager to monitor current power usage patterns, develop intelligent power management policies, apply and enforce those policies, and report against subsequent power savings and carbon footprint reductions.

Check out the white paper to learn how Configuration Manager can help your organization support its “Green IT” initiatives while yielding immediate and substantial cost savings with minimal effort and expense.


Kelly Wagman

Sr. Product Manager

System Center