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Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying TechEd USA 2010.  The guys in the team just let us know they have posted a new Configuration Pack for Configuration Manager 2007.  I wanted to get a blog out ASAP for you……

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Operational Configuration Pack is designed to be used for managing the configuration of Exchange 2007 servers. This configuration pack defines recommended configurations based on a limited number of settings affecting the configuration of Exchange 2007 servers, these settings should not be considered a complete list of what should be managed.

Once imported into Configuration Manager 2007, this configuration pack and its included configuration items can be targeted to collections of systems which are then audited for compliance with the recommended configurations. When settings are detected to be out of compliance, events will be generated and sent to the Configuration Manager server where the data is available for reporting. This enables early detection of potentially detrimental configuration changes and allows the administrator to correct the settings before they may cause downtime events.

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Operational Configuration Pack includes configuration items for the following:

  • Client Acess Server (CAS)
  • Exchange Core
  • Gateway
  • Hub Transport
  • Mailbox
  • Unified Messaging

You can download the Exchange CP here.

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