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Hi everyone, we wanted to get a demo put out there to showcase the new features of ConfigMgr managing a windows 7 machine. 

In this demonstration, we show the integration of Application virtualization (App-V) with System Center.  We showcase the infrastructure preparation, application package creation, advertisement configuration, and finally the end user experience of receiving and launching virtual apps.

In addition, with the release of SP2 for ConfigMgr, some significant improvements have been made to Policy Processing and Execution, and  2 areas of improvement have been achieved.  First, a removal of a 2 minute buffer on the client once policy and package download have been completed is now gone.  In addition, a 10 minute queue has been removed at User Login.  This 10 minutes was a safety mechanism that ensured all login scripts, profiles etc had completed.  With the increase of Windows login performance, this is no longer needed.   This is a step towards real time management of systems and users.

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For more information about MDOP App-V and ConfigMgr, please visit these included links.

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