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Please note: this is a guest blog post by one of our close partners at Intel.

The Intel Core vPro Processor Management Pack v1.0 for System Center Service Manager 2010 is now available for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010, extending Intel Core vPro Processor remote management benefits to Microsoft System Service Manager service desks.

With the introduction of Microsoft System Center Service Manager to its Microsoft System Center suite of products, Microsoft provides an integrated platform for automating and customizing an organization’s IT service management with built-in procedures based on industry best practices for problem resolution, change control and compliance management. It seamlessly integrates and unifies knowledge, processor and activities across the System Center Service Manager solutions and Active Directory.

The marriage of Microsoft System Center Service Manager and Intel vPro Processor adds Intel’s hardware-based Keyboard Video Mouse Remote Control, which enables an IT pro to see and control a remote PC from the user’s vantage point. Unlike remote desktop or other tools that work through the software layer, this local view from afar works whether the system is suffering a blue screen, OS freeze, disk failure or OS network issues since it runs through the hardware on the Intel Core vPro Processor-equipped PC. Previously this was an expensive proposition that required external hardware costing up to $200 per system.

Additionally, the processor management pack brings to System Center Service Manager the Intel Core vPro Processor capability to turn systems on and off as needed, saving on the energy bill. It also offers Integrated Device Electronics Redirect or, more commonly, IDE-R, that can be used to boot a PC from an image housed on the technicians’ PC or a network share drive. In combination, these features enable an administrator to completely control and manage a remote PC from power-up through a fully loaded OS using a full graphical Windows interface.

Together, Intel Core vPro Processors and Microsoft System Center Service Manager make IT service desks more efficient and responsive. System Center Service Manager introduces the concept of organizing everyday helpdesk tasks into an automated workflow. With the addition of power management within the management pack, power control may be individually pulled into these automated workflows, thereby lowering the cost of managing the client.

The Intel Core vPro Processor Management Pack v1.0 for System Center Service Manager 2010 is available for download from the Microsoft Pinpoint Management Pack Catalog.

Jason Powell
Alliance Sales & Marketing Manager (Microsoft)
Intel Corporation