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As I mentioned in an earlier post on this blog, David Elliott has been busy doing a production deployment of System Center Essentials 2010 for his small business. Now, SCE 2010 is really intended as a midsize business IT management solution (up to 500 PCs and 50 servers), but small businesses, as he shows, can also benefit greatly from its capabilities.

Here’s one of many money quotes from his latest post on his modest enterprise:

For the small business, System Center Essentials will provide a very high degree of control.  If as in my case, you have temps or freelancers coming in to work with you on a regular basis, I think to will be worth it’s weight in gold.  For supporting off-site virtualizations in temporary sites, again , gold.  As I said earlier, my company produces and manages events, and I think that Essentials will be a huge benefit for that, in that I can preconfigure all of the event resources, all of the registration computers, off-site management computers, and then just get cheap, local rental machines, and run them as VM’s.  therefore when the event is over, we’ll have all of the data, and we will not have to wipe any machines afterwards.  I have a multi-city event planned for the first of the year which will be perfect for this sort of flexibility… it will be a multi-city event over 8 weeks outside of the US.  therefore no freight costs, no import issues, and no security issues with any of our data.  I’ll be able to remotely admin my SC Essentials server, which will be safely and happily sitting in an air-conditioned, UPS protected, Halon-ready environment, while I travel from city to city in Mexico with basic rental machines, or an army of net-books.  Sweet.

Looks like the next thing he has in mind to do is to experiment with System Center Essential’s native virtualization features.

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