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Hey everyone, I wanted to make you aware of a recent post by Brandon LeBlanc on the trend of x64 architecture and Windows 7.  To pull a quote from his blog:

“Are you running a 64-bit edition of Windows 7? There is a high likelihood you are. As of June 2010, we see that 46% of all PCs worldwide running Windows 7 are running a 64-bit edition of Windows 7. That is, nearly half of all PCs running Windows 7 are running 64-bit. Compared to Windows Vista at 3 and a half years after launch, only 11% of PCs running Windows Vista worldwide are running 64-bit. With Windows 7, running a 64-bit OS is becoming the norm.”

image Source: Windows Update, June 2010, includes all PC’s attached and all SKU’s

There are a lot of reasons why 64 bit is a good thing.  As HW purchases start to trend past 4Gb specs, those 32 bit OS’ aren't going to recognize the additional RAM, wasting investment.  While 32bit maxes at 4Gb RAM, 64bit is actually able to go as high as 17.2 billion Gb.  Windows 7 is designed to use up to 192Gb RAM (wow I’d love to see that on my desk 🙂 ).  For a full comparison of versions see this link.

According to Gartner*, by 2014 75% of all business PCs will be running a 64-bit edition of Windows. Intel recently migrated to 64-bit Windows 7 citing the following on their deployment:

“Our decision to move to 64-bit computing allows us to take advantage of new systems with higher memory capabilities while positioning Intel to take advantage of 64-bit applications as they become available. Moving to this computing model also provides additional security benefits, including Data Execution Prevention (DEP), which helps prevent malicious code exploits by disallowing applications from executing code from a non-executable memory region.”

Some links for you:

  • Intel has released a whitepaper on their deployment of 64-bit Windows 7, which can be found here
  • Windows SKU and OS comparisons here
  • Understanding hardware and software for 64-bit Windows – link
  • Check out the Windows 7 Compatibility Center for more information on x64, Windows 7 and more
  • If you would like to see all of Brandon’s blog post, its a great read, check out the article here

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