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Hey everyone, following from Bill’s post on User Centric, imagewe have also posted a video online demonstrating RBA, or Role Based Administration in ConfigMgr v.Next. 

What is RBA?  RBA a simplified administration of security permissions within the ConfigMgr environment.  This allows organizations to use Security Roles to group sets of permissions together that collectively define an administrative span of control.

There are 13 out of the box (in the current beta) and these are customizable, or can be added to for additional role definition.  The end goal is to show what is relevant to the person doing the work, without distracting them , or creating a situation where something can happen.

RBA is:

  • A common look and feel across System Center products in console
  • Designed to Improve discoverability
  • Provides an ability to only show what is relevant to that Admin
  • Provides complete scenarios access within the console for an Admin
  • Simplifies navigation

Some resources for you:

  • Download the Beta here
  • Read more about v.Next here

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