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I have had quite a few questions about where to find the Opalis license files and keys.  They are in the Download files!

You can download either the 180 day Trial if you wish to evaluate Opalis (make sure you check out the Customer Evaluation Program).  Inside the 180 day trial download, there is a file named “180 Day Eval” which contains the trial license files and the associated keys are in the “Opalis Eval Product Licenses.docx” file inside the zip file. 

If you are licensed for SMSE or SMSD, you can download the Full Product which contains a “” file, which in turn contains a file named “Opalis Product Licenses.pdf” for the associated keys.

I hope this helps you get going with Opalis quicker, and don’t forget to check out the Opalis Blog for samples, examples and useful tips and tricks.  You should also browse on over to Charles Joy’s blog

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