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Picture3In this video Jeff Wettlaufer, Sr. Technical Product Manager for System Center speaks with Deepak Kumar, CTO and Founder of Adaptiva. Jeff and Deepak talk about the extensions delivered by the Adaptiva ‘Green Planet’ technology for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 and the new Power Management capabilities.



Adaptive bring to market 3 products, Green Planet, Client Health and 1 Site.  The intention of Green Planet (the focus of this video) is to bring to mainstream ‘Green IT’.  Driving centralized Power Management. using Remote Wakeup technology, flexible schedule and user support as well as enabling a user experience to support individual preferences help drive a User Centric focus to Power Management.  In addition, adding Patch cycle support helps ensure reliability for ConfigMgr software update services.  This also allows for data management through reboots.   

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me15Jeff Wettlaufer
Sr Technical Product Manager
System Center, Management and Security Division
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