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Hey everyone, we wanted to update you on a recent beta announcement.  We are pleased today to announce the release of Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 3.0 for download. 

VMST 3.0 helps you reduce IT costs by making it easier to update offline virtual machine libraries, templates and virtual hard disks with the latest operating system and application patches—without introducing vulnerabilities into their IT infrastructure.   VMST 3.0 helps you more effectively—and safely—manage the workflow of updating an offline virtualization environment.  Some highlights include:clip_image001

•    Offline virtual machines in a SCVMM library.
•    Stopped and saved state virtual machines on a host.
•    Virtual machine templates.
•    Offline virtual hard disks in a SCVMM library by injecting update packages.

To learn more about VMST 3.0, click here. To download the tool, click here. You can also upgrade VMST 3.0 from Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2.1 and VMST 3.0 Beta. 

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System Center, Management and Security Division
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