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clip_image001Onur is  a Sr. Program Manager and has been in Microsoft for 10 years. For the first 5 years Onur was in Microsoft Consulting Services specializing in the architecting and deployment of MS Management technologies in large enterprises worldwide. For the last 5 years Onur has been in the product team designing these same technologies. For the last 3 years he has been on the System Center Configuration Management team. Onur is responsible for the ConfigMgr 2007 R3 release,  and power management and desired configuration management features in Config Manager V.Next.  This post is the first in a series of posts by our product team about the Power Management feature set.  Stay tuned for more great content from the team that wrote the code…..

R3 power management mission and design philosophy

Hi everyone, the purpose of this blog post is to give you more information about our vision and design philosophy behind the new power management feature which will be introduced in Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Our Mission:
“Our mission is to make a positive impact in the environment in which we live through software.”

You are all aware of the diminishing natural resources of our planet and the efforts across different disciplines and industries to decrease the carbon foot print we generate. Information Technology (IT) organizations are not any different. Our customers want the ability to understand current power consumption in their IT environment, determine when resources are not used and then put these resources into states where they do not consume energy. While doing this it is super important not to impact user productivity. Because, in many cases user down time for a few hours is much more expensive than the potential annual power savings that can be obtained from power management. Finally by putting these controls in place organizations would like to save money and make a positive impact to their bottom line.

Our design philosophy:
In the light of the mission detailed above, we identified the following engineering philosophies when designing the Configuration Manager 2007 R3 power management feature set. 

1. Windows is the foundation of green computing: At the heart of our investment lies the Windows operating system as the foundation of green computing. We made significant improvements in Windows Vista and Windows 7 to make sure that the operating system provides the core infrastructure to support efficient power management. We wanted to make sure that Configuration Manager 2007 R3 leverages these investments and also provides a rich set of controls and reporting.

2. User Centric: User activity is extremely important for us and aligns with our vision for Configuration Manager v.Next. Configuration Manager 2007 R3 power management is designed to detect and honor user activity. We also provide reports that clearly differentiate user and computer activity in order to determine typical business and non-business hours.

3. Sleep state is the key: The power consumption saving between shut down and sleep states is virtually zero. However, we get two significant benefits from using the sleep state (hibernation) . The first is the ability to wake up computers to receive critical patches. The second is the user experience. Imagine how long it takes to restart your computer from the power off or hibernate states compared to the sleep state. With the improvements to battery life in hardware, we may not even have to shut down our systems in the future. All Configuration Manager 2007 R3 defaults are optimized for the sleep state.

4. Wake up to receive critical software updates: Configuration Manager 2007 R3 leverages the wake timers that are available in Windows. You do not need to have hardware dependent wake on LAN technologies or send magic packets to wake up computers (a feature which is disabled in many enterprise networks). The administrator can, for instance specify that computers wake up at midnight, the computer will check it’s policy and if nothing is found, it will then go back to sleep.

5. Built to save money for customers: Configuration Manager 2007 R3 provides daily and monthly power consumption, cost and Co2 emission saved reports designed for non IT personnel such as executives to clearly see trends and the impact of policies they applied to their environment, similar to the energy bill you receive for your house.

That’s all for today. In my next blog I am planning to explain how Configuration Manager 2007 R3 calculates power consumption, cost and Co2 savings which is a common question I am asked.

Onur Koc
Sr Program Manager
System Center Configuration Management

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Sr Technical Product Manager
System Center, Management and Security Division
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