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Hello everyone, recently the Beta 2 of MED-V was released, and we wanted to make sure everyone on this blog was aware of it.  Originally announced on the MDOP blog, and the Windows for your Business Blogs, MED-V is an incredibly cool Desktop Virtualization technology that builds on System Center Configuration Manager.  For situations where App-V does not resolve your application compatibility challenges, MED-V may in fact be a solution.  App-V is an application to application compatibility solution, but may not remediate an app to OS issue.  This is where MED-V becomes interesting.  MED-V is a desktop virtualization technology that allows an app to be isolated from the host (Windows 7 ) OS.  In addition, MED-V provides:

  • No dedicated MED-V infrastructure to deploy – MED-V 2.0 workspaces are deployed and managed using  System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 or higher
  • Streamlined sign-on to the MED-V workspace – Users can save their passwords for seamless sign-on to the MED-V workspace
  • Automatic application publishing – New applications deployed to MED-V workspaces, including App-V virtual applications, are available to the Windows 7 host automatically
  • My Documents and Desktop redirection – Legacy applications work just like locally installed applications when it comes to opening, saving and printing documents
  • USB device/SmartCard support – USB devices, including thumb drives and Smartcard readers can be shared between the host and applications running in the MED-V workspace
  • New Internet Explorer redirection options – IT administrators can redirect legacy web applications using wildcards (http://*, sites (, at the page-level ( or by specifying a port (
  • Automated guest hibernation at shutdown – The MED-V workspace is seamlessly suspended when the user logs off or shuts down the Windows 7 host

Some resources for you:

  • The MED-V 2.0 public beta can be downloaded from Microsoft Connect
  • The MDOP Blog is here
  • The Windows for your Business blog is here
  • Configuration Manager 2007 R3 is now available for eval here

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