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The first day’s keynote out of the way, online chatter about TechEd Europe 2010 turned to session reporting, the announced naming of Configuration Manager 2012 (formerly “v.Next”), and continued absorption of Microsoft’s initiatives in cloud computing, Hyper-V Cloud in particular.

To give you a kind of wrap up of the goings-on of the past several days, and, as previously, to give a virtual shout-out to some of the more notable voices from the community, here are some blog posts we found interesting, along with a small selection of Twitter personalities. I’m also including an aggregation of the related videos that we’ve put together, including those that TechNet Edge’s David Tesar, Joey Snow, and Adam Carter (BOMB) shot on site in Berlin. Enjoy!

Bloggers and Blog Posts from the Community

In addition to the folks we highlighted previously—and who continued to post, such as Leon Hament—a few others caught our eye:

  • Senseforgreed,” who reveals little about himself on his blog except that he’s “a running and drumming IT-dude kinda guy,” put together daily reports on his experiences in Berlin, manifesting his interest in the System Center portfolio in this post, summarizing the sessions he attended on DPM in the datacenter (presented by our own Jason Buffington, @jbuff on Twitter) and Operations Manager R2.
  • Adrian Stoian, a Configuration Manager MVP from Romania, enthusiastically reported on session MGT206, “System Center Virtual Machine Manager vNext: Service Lifecycle Management for the Private Cloud,” Adrian writes, “That’s the coolest feature I have seen in a while: In the SCVMM 2012 (CTP) console you have a Create Cloud action. You even have a Create Cloud Wizard.”
  • Wilco van Bragt, an RDS MVP and consultant based out of The Netherlands, also provided daily write-ups of his experiences at the event, covering the keynote of Day 1, saying “Pretty cool that Brad mentions that IaaS is just Windows with Hyper-V and SCCM.” His posts on Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 go into detail on each of the sessions he attended, covering a lot of tech territory from local P2V migration for Windows 7 on the second day, through MED-V and APP-V on the third, to VDI and RemoteFX on the final day.

Tweeps and Tweets from the Community

Too many tweets and tweeps to mention but a very small selection of them. Here are four from the community who posted originally and regularly, whom you may wish to consider following:

  • Frederik Baert, @frederikbaert, a Belgian biz-dev manager ICT, tweeting on Configuration Manager 2012, VMM v.Next, AVIcode and much more besides.
  • Antti Makkonen, @anttimakkonen, a contract management entrepreneur hailing from Finland, with a predilection for SQL Azure and SaaS.
  • Maarten Goet, @maarten_goet, an Operations Manager MVP out of Holland, tweeting about most things System Center.
  • Rick Slager, @rickslager, an IT infra architect and trainer from the Netherlands, on general themes and news items during the event and related to the industry and IT security and management in particular.

Microsoft Blogs and Videos

Events like TechEd Europe 2010 serve as great focal points for a business like ours, with all the messaging and content that needs to be put together, polished, or published in preparation—to say nothing of all the logistical considerations (schedules, staffing, booth arrangements, shipping, etc.)—and delivered if not created during the event.

Among these are the several blog posts and videos our team and our partners have crafted and published to support the themes and messages of our presence at the event. For the key blog posts, I’ll just refer you to the main blogs we publish:

And, finally, here’s a roll-up of all the relevant videos we and our Edge friends have published of late, in chronological order:

Apologies for the length of this post—but  there's quite a lot to try to summarize in a week packed as this one has been. Hopefully, though, all that has helped you get a feel for the event from an online vantage point.

Do let me know if you find this kind of content worthwhile; we can make it a monthly feature, not just an occasional piece tied to specific events.

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