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I have made a few public statements to the effect that we are committed to maintaining and updating the Opalis 3rd Party Integration Packs.  We most definitely are and now that Opalis 6.3 is available, we are turning our focus to updating the remaining IP’s so that they support the Server 2008 platform and continue to deliver value to our customers.

So, we would like your feedback on which Integration Packs are important to you!  We have set up a short 2 question survey here where you can tick the boxes to let us know which IP’s you are using and are important to you, and also an open field if you have any additional comments to make.

We will use this feedback as part of the decision making process for the prioritization of which order the IP’s are updated in.

So, please take a couple of minutes to let us know, we very much appreciate your input.

    Adam Hall 
   Sr. Technical Product Manager, Opalis   
   System Center

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