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Hello everybody

I am very excited to announce the extension of the Opalis use rights grant to cover client management scenarios!

We are granting a fully-licensed version of Opalis to customers who are licensed for the System Center Client Management Suite (CMS) or Enterprise CAL for client management scenarios. Customers with valid licenses of CMS or Enterprise CAL will be able to download a fully licensed version of Opalis from the Opalis download site.

The existing Opalis grant made available to SMSE/SMSD customers covered server management scenarios, but did not enable scenarios where Opalis was managing client devices. This additional grant provides our customers with full rights to leverage the power of the Opalis automation and integration capabilities against devices covered by either a CMS or Enterprise CAL license.

Further useful information and FAQs:

What rights are we granting?

  • The right to use Opalis to directly or indirectly manage Client OSEs through the Client Management Suite (CMS) or the Enterprise CAL. Managing Server OSEs is already covered by the existing Opalis EULA with rights granted to SMSE/SMSD customers.

How are we conveying Opalis client management use rights?

  • By adding client management use rights language to the existing Opalis 6.3 EULA. The single updated 6.3 EULA will now convey both Server OSE and Client OSE use rights for Opalis software.

Which customers qualify for this grant of Opalis client management use rights?

  • Customers who have Software Assurance coverage on System Center Client Management Suite (CMS) or Enterprise CAL between December 10, 2009 and April 30, 2012.

When will Opalis client management use rights be made available?

  • Now! An updated download has been posted on the Opalis download site located here.

How do customers get the Opalis client management use rights?

  • By downloading from the Opalis download site, deploying, and accepting the EULA for Opalis 6.3. The Opalis download site is located here.

I will be posting examples of client scenarios over the coming weeks as we build to MMS in March. In the meantime, let’s get automating!


     Adam Hall 
   Sr. Technical Product Manager, Opalis
   System Center

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