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Adam (Bomb) of TechNet Edge made some GREAT Videos during MMS, Check them Out:

The Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) and TechNet Edge have a great relationship – their audience is a dedicated, specialized IT Pro audience, and Edge has been on site doing interviews with them for the past 4 years.

Things have changed a little along the way. 


Brad Anderson takes questions in the Community Lounge, MMS 2009


Brad Anderson answers questions on the Edge stage at MMS 2011


This year TechNet Edge was the digital media source for MMS – the on-demand keynotes from both days are hosted on Edge, and we worked closely with PR and Coms to release our videos in conjunction with their announcements.  They linked to the Edge videos from their Press page. We did a bit on Windows Embedded and their new Device Management Product, and they put us on their press site, too.

The Day 1 Keynote was about Empowering IT – a big focus on System Center 2012 product announcements that enable Private and Public cloud capabilities, like Virtual Machine Manager 2012, the cloud based System Center Advisor, and Concero.

The Day 2 Keynote was about Empowering Users – consumerization of IT.  Announcements included the mobile device management capabilities coming in Configuration Manager (including iOS, and Android mgmt.), and the RTM of Windows Intune for SaaS based PC management.

With the EvNet team heads down with Mix, we worked with the event team to deliver the show ourselves – sourcing local camera and editing crews, and publishing to TechNet. The STO team was a critical part of our success – most videos were published within hours of shooting.

In addition to interviewing CVP Brad Anderson, we also interviewed System Center Senior Director Ryan O’Hara, Config Manager Principal GPM Josh Pointer, and several other members of engineering teams (complete list below). All up, the Corp ITE team delivered 18 videos from MMS, in just over 2 days of shooting.

You can see them all by visiting the MMS2011 tag page on Edge.  The whole list is also included below.

The event team for MMS have been fantastic partners for us, giving us unlimited access to the event for filming interviews and ‘behind the scenes’ activities at the conference.  They even let us take a whole camera crew backstage during keynote rehearsals.



Symon, the new guy, had critical responsibilities right from the start


It takes a village. There are, of course, a whole host of people we need to thank:

· Starting with the MMS event team of Ali Parker and Stefanie Toth, who just made things happen for us. There would be no Edge @ MMS without their sponsorship and hard work.  Martin Dey, too.

· A whole bunch of PR and Coms folks, led by Joel Sider, who helped us identify the news for the week and propose candidates we should target for interviews and help squeeze us into their busy schedules.

· The onsite event team, led by Corey Mason, who had our stage up and ready and delivered on our every special request. 

· The camera and editing crew, led by Richard DePaso, who came in early and stayed late to make us look good on camera.

· Jessica Wallace, for making us part of the digital marketing plan, and tweeting about our interviews to help drive interest and foot traffic.

· Ian Kowalchuk,  and the STO team that helped us get the videos up in a hurry (and then down, and then up again, in some cases. <sigh>)

· All the guests we interviewed, who found time between keynote demos, breakout sessions, press/customer meetings, and booth duty to come to our stage and talk with us. They get their whole own listing below.

What’s next for us?  A very short breather, before we do it again at TechEd North America next month!


Edge @ MMS video list (can all be found on Edge via the MMS2011 tag)




Day 1 Keynote

Brad Anderson
and a cast of lots of demo helpers

Day 2 Keynote

Brad Anderson
and a different cast of demo helpers

Edge @ MMS Welcome Montage

Mandalay Bay Hotel
featuring new ITE Symon Perriman in his first Edge performance

Day 1 Keynote Wrap up

Joey, Adam and Symon
Symon’s debut with a speaking part

MED-V 2.0

Tim Crabb
MED-V Principal Program Manager Lead

Virtualized Disaster Recovery

They’re a partner.  We shot this as a favor, but they did a good job, so we published it on Edge.

Private Cloud and Virtualization

Edwin Yuen
Director, Server and Cloud

Paul Ross
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Server and Cloud

System Center 2012

Ryan O’Hara
Director, System Center

Virtual Machine Manager 2012
(build a cloud in 90 seconds. Also, Symon’s debut as an Edge interviewer)

Kenon Owens
Technical Product Manager, VMM

Security Compliance Manager

Chase Carpenter
Principal Product Unit Manager

Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 7.

Paul MacKnight
Senior Program Manager

Windows Embedded Device Manager
(and Embedded Airport Terminal)

Robert Peterson
Senior Program Manager

Cuong Pham
Senior Technical Product Manager

Cloud and IT exec overview

Brad Anderson
CVP, Management and Security Division

Concero Overview

David Armour
Principal Program Manager Lead

Service Manager v.Next

Sean Christensen
Senior Technical Product Manager

Windows Intune RTM

Alex Heaton
Group Product Manager

System Center Advisor

Paul Mestemaker
Senior Program Manager

System Center Configuration Manager 2012

Josh Pointer
Principal Group Program Manager