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Hi Everyone

Our resident  8 minute video creator and Blogger extraordinaire Charles Joy has created and published a new Integration Pack for PowerShell.

You can read Charles full blog post about the IP here.   In Charles own words:

If you have worked with PowerShell in OIS, you have likely needed to reference blog posts which address workarounds for PS running from x64 machines:

My goal in building this IP was to eliminate the need for this workaround using the “Run .Net Script” object. In the workaround, not only do you have to increase the number of scripting lines, but you also have to include credential information (either as plain text in the script or stored as plain text in an OIS variable). I believe both of these limitations from the workaround have been addressed with this IP.

The Integration Pack for PowerShell Script Execution provides extended PowerShell Scripting capability for OIS and PowerShell (executed from and against both x86 and x64 OSs).

This Integration Pack adds the following objects to Opalis Integration Server:

  • Execute PS Script
  • Execute PS Script – Global


The IP has been published to the Opalis CodePlex site and includes both the IP as well as full documentation

Thank you Charles!



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