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Have you had an opportunity to look at the new System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta, yet? Are you confused as to all of the new features and capabilities and how do I learn about all of this good, new stuff?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where I can get a guided evaluation of this product? Perhaps, I could join a community where I would have these new features all broken down for me in digestible chunks, taught to me by the folks that make the product, and have a forum for asking questions and sharing ideas with my peers.

Well, you can!

Starting Thursday, May 26th, 2011 the Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta Community Evaluation Program begins. This program provides IT professionals a structured approach to evaluating the pre-release version of Microsoft® System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012. Members of this program are able to evaluate the Beta version of Virtual Machine Manager 2012 with guidance from the product team and by sharing of experiences and best practices among a community of peers. As an internal user, you will have the same access to information as the external customer and partners.

Learn about all of the new features, like Cloud Creation/Delegation, Service Templates, Fabric Management (Compute, Storage, and Networking), Server App-V, and integration with other System Center Products.

So, for now, please go to the Connect Site, fill out the enrollment survey for the VMM 2012 CEP (don’t forget to check out the other CEPs starting soon), join the call this Thursday, May 26th 9am PDT, do the homework, and join the community.

Kenon Owens

Technical Product Manager

System Center Virtual Machine Manager