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A common question we get is “Do you have an Integration Pack for <insert a product/solution here>?” Charles even wrote a blog post on this back in the Opalis days!

I wanted to ensure that everyone understood the powerful activities that come Out of the Box with Orchestrator, and all the incredible runbooks you can build without a single Integration Pack!

These activities are called the Standard Activities and are fully documented in the Orchestrator TechNet Library. There are 73 of these activities provided as part of the base install.  Straight from the install, you can create runbooks with these activities, and very effective and powerful runbooks.

I have written up a summary of all the activities and what they do over on the Orchestrator Blog, including how the Integration Packs build on the base installation of Orchestrator.

So what are you waiting for?  Go download the Orchestrator 2012 Beta and get going!

And don’t forget to join the Orchestrator Evaluation Program, we have the first topic this week with the Product Team, so sign up and join the community!  All the call details are in the CEP portal, including an ICS file for the Lync calls.

I look forward to talking with you.


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