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Hi everyone

One of the outcomes we look for in the running of the Evaluation Programs is the emergence of leaders in the community.  We encourage and reward the CEP participants for their efforts in helping us build the communities around the System Center solutions, and each time we run a program we discover new rockstars who are deserving of some recognition.

Today I want to showcase the work that Damian Flynn has been doing with Orchestrator in the Orchestrator Evaluation Program.

There are 2 significant contributions that Damian has made in recent weeks.  Firstly, he has created and published an Integration Pack for F5.  You can read about the IP and I hope that if you use F5 solutions that you investigate his work and find it useful.

Secondly, Damian has engaged with the Orchestrator engineering team and learnt how to work with the new web service that is part of Orchestrator.  The new web service is a critical new component and it’s great to see the interest that people have shown in wanting to know how to work with it.  We are still building the official documentation and guidance, so Damian took the initiative and has written a series of articles about it!

You can read his articles on Orchestrator here.  He starts with an article outlining the web service itself and how to work with it in Visual Studio, follows this up with guidance on how to start a Runbook via the web service and then closes out with the injection of Runbook parameters when doing the initiation.

Thank you Damian for your efforts and initiatives, and I hope this serves as encouragement for anyone else out there who wants to get involved!


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