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Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of System Center Advisor (formerly Microsoft codename ‘Atlanta’) enabling IT Professionals to proactively avoid server configuration problems by assessing static, runtime and operational data to identify potential issues that cause outages or poor performance.

System Center Operations Manager is great at alerting you to server issues as they happen, enabling you to quickly respond – but what if you could actually prevent server configuration problems before they ever impact your server’s performance or availability?

System Center Advisor is a cloud service hosted on Windows Azure that regularly analyzes your servers’ configuration, drawing on the wisdom and experience of Microsoft support staff and its countless interactions with IT professionals to automatically highlight server configuration problems and their solutions for Windows Server and SQL Server. You check for any recommendations by logging into the Advisor portal. You also have the option of email alerts and recommendations delivered directly to your inbox.

If you do need to speak with Microsoft Customer Support, you can choose to allow Microsoft Support Staff access to current and historical configuration data through Advisor to help them resolve your support calls faster.

During the Advisor beta program 6,000 customers registered for the service and Advisor sent 80,000 alerts. Customers are monitoring anything from a single server to over 120 servers within their organizations.

Advisor builds on the architecture of System Center Operations Manager agents, but you don’t have to have Operations Manager installed. This means we can easily ship support for additional servers through the management pack architecture as we bring more ‘wisdom’ into the cloud. Initially, Advisor provides support for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads, and we plan to extend support to additional server products in the near future.

System Center Advisor is a new benefit of Software Assurance for SQL Server or Windows Server, currently available in 26 countries. You can evaluate System Center Advisor now through the 60 day free trial. If your organization is already covered by Software Assurance on either SQL Server or Windows Server you can activate the full Advisor service immediately. To find out more about Software Assurance, go to the Software Assurance website.

Further information is also available on the System Center Advisor web page.

Thanks for reading!

John Allwright

System Center Product Management