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If you haven’t heard, we’re holding a BYOD poetry contest to showcase our community’s deepest (or goofiest) thoughts about device management, information protection, and all topics BYOD. Enter your poem of 300 words or fewer—in any form, and it doesn’t have to rhyme—and you could win an Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle. Entry deadline is midnight on December 30, 2013. Get more details—and enter!

Here’s an example from one of our in-house BYOD laureates: 

BYOD was stressing me out and nobody seemed to care.
All of a sudden those iPads and smartphones were coming in everywhere.
The users demanded the latest new object, security was all but forgot.
I need that key app on my gorgeous new tablet, are you going to help me or not?”

“But what if you lose it? Or say it gets stolen?” I tried to explain my dismay.
“Oh that NEVER happens, it’s just media hype!” they ignore me whatever I say.
I could try more policies. Rules. Regulations. But they’d still find a way to go round.
I needed an ally. Someone with experience of keeping devices all sound.

I looked high and low. I scoured every blog. I read page after page of the news.
I could manage devices. Or manage my PCs. But always I had to choose.
Then I spoke to a friend who had been to a conference and he mentioned PCIT.
It’s Microsoft’s solution to manage all devices. It’s something you really should see!”

“You put Windows Intune on top of Config Man – it gives you just one pane of glass,
To manage all devices from tablets to PCs. It’s just in a different class.”
So now I sleep easy, my life’s bright and breezy, I’ve found the solution, you see.
I’m not a fool, I have one management tool. I love People-centric IT!

Get more details—and enter!