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Hybrid Cloud Blog

From the emergence of cloud solutions to the containerization of workloads, every area of technology is in a stage of rapid growth and innovation. The benefit of that innovation comes to businesses in the form of increased speed and agility, but there is a tax. Incorporating new approaches can create management headaches and stress existing processes. Do you have the right tools to manage through these changes? Can you enable your businesses in the journey to the cloud and beyond? Can you support your traditional infrastructure and modern applications seamlessly?

The answer is a management as a service solution that delivers innovation at cloud cadence, while giving IT back control. Microsoft’s hybrid cloud IT management solution has the right tools for you to manage both your infrastructure and modern applications, enabling you to achieve both stability and agility. We’re committed to delivering a cloud-inspired, platform-agnostic management offering that helps you make the most of your resources from the datacenter to the cloud.

Microsoft Operations Management Suite  manages your workloads no matter where they run – Azure, AWS, Windows Server, Linux, VMware, or OpenStack. We designed Operations Management Suite to empower System Center customers to do more by leveraging their current investments. With System Center and Operations Management Suite together, you can gain an integrated 360-degree view into any cloud, any platform, increase operational efficiency, secure your environment and help protect your applications and data against any planned or unplanned interruptions.

System Center and Operations Management Suite together will provide a seamless unified management experience and new capabilities to customers. Customers can expect features that are best delivered from the cloud to be available as Operations Management Suite services. These include:

  • Best-in-class monitoring and log analytics solution to provide end-to-end monitoring of both infrastructure and modern applications, along with pre-emptive health, capacity and usage tracking and real-time alert management
  • Always-on backup and disaster recovery powered by Microsoft Azure to prevent loss of data even across all of your environments
  • Reliable and scalable platform to automate and orchestrate manual and repeated tasks, empower application owners through self-serviced provisioning capabilities
  • Unparalleled insight into security threats through forensic analysis and audits to help secure your servers, workloads and users and assist with ensuring regulatory compliance.

Want to hear more? Come learn from experts about the 4 essentials you need to know today to build a comprehensive management solution for your company at our upcoming webinar on hybrid cloud IT management. Our goal is to continue to deliver management innovation at a cadence that matches today’s rapidly changing environment, while ensuring you get the value of your current investments.

Let’s continue the conversation. We look forward to hearing your feedback about our new hybrid management toolset.